2013 Additional Notes

Stone Mill 50M Notes – Race Day Nov 16,2013 6AM Start


Congratulations on entering a great event! We’re excited for you to run in Montgomery County Md.


The High School has an event in the afternoon Nov 16 and needs to use some 100 parking spaces this year same day as us (imagine that!). So we are asking everyone to help by carpooling or parking further down the road on Watkins Mill. There is also a shopping center 1.4M away (Montgomery Village Center) where you could meet up and combine vehicles. Please help us keep this venue by not blocking any cars in or parking where the volunteers tell you not to. Thanks for considering carpooling.


Race-day packet pickup/bag drop will begin at 5:00AM at back of the school. The school will be locked in the morning so come around the right hand side of the school and you’ll see the start/finish area around back.

*Please try and use the Friday packet pickup option from 3-7PM  if at all possible at Fleet Feet Sports in Gaithersburg. Their address is 255 Kentlands Blvd.,Gaithersburg,MD 20878 USA. The store has asked that you please don’t call them directly,they are just allowing us to occupy their storefront for a few hours.


In the morning,the school will be closed. However,the field house has bathrooms (near the track) and these will be available in the AM. In the afternoon,the school will be open so we have access to the bathrooms in the school.
Out on course there will be two port-a-pots located at Riffleford Road AS miles 13/43,again at Pennyfield Lock mile 25,and lastly at Riley’s Lock next to the Stone Mill mile 29.

6AM Start

There is no early start,we all start together at 6AM. We will begin with a counter-clockwise loop around the High School,and then enter the trail via woods behind the cafeteria. It is recommended you have a light for the start.


We have two official cutoffs – the first is at the Stone Mill,mile 29 at 2:30PM. The second cutoff is on the return at Riffleford,near mile 43 at 6:00PM. We will make every effort to accommodate you so that you can safely finish the race,but aid station captains can and will pull runners from the course as necessary.

Course Markings

We will use orange striped engineering reflective ribbon this year. In addition,we will mix in some miners reflective markers for the night sections.

Aid Stations

There are officially 11 fully stocked aid stations plus water stops at some points in addition. You should have the opportunity to refill about every 5 miles,but hydration packs or water bottles are highly recommended.

The aid stations will be stocked with water,sports drink,coke or mountain dew,PB&J sandwiches,m&ms,potato chips,(maybe potatoes,salt),cookies,and perhaps some other surprises.

Give the aid station workers your name or BIB number as you come through so that we will be able to keep track of everyone.

What to Bring

Please bring a hydration pack or water bottle,a headlamp or flashlight (see below),any additional clothing you may need and special needs food items.

Drop bags and Headlamps/Flashlights

There will be bins at the start area to leave drop bags at two aid stations;The Stone Mill and Riffleford Rd.  Drop bags at Riffleford Rd. will not be available on the first pass (mile 13) due to morning transporting. So,in reality,drop bags will be available at mile 29 and 43 only. All drop bags must be clearly labeled with your race number,name and the desired aid station. Please do not leave valuables in your drop bags. Race management is not responsible for missing or damaged contents.

Drop bags must not be larger than 6″ X 8″ and no longer than 16″. Drop bags must weigh less than 30 pounds. Make sure drop bags are made of a durable material,no paper or cardboard containers. You are limited to one drop bag per aid station.

All runners are required by race management to have their own headlamp or flashlight in their Riffleford Rd drop bag for use after 4PM or to carry them on the course with them. Runners found on the course in the night sections without a light can and will be pulled from the race. It is recommended you use a headlamp or flashlight at the start (6AM). There will be a bin at the return Watkins Mill Rd. crossing  to drop your light in 5 miles into the race. Please label your light for return at the finish. I don’t really want your leftover flashlights.


the RD’s