Listed below are the best places to see your runners or provide additional support.  Any aid stations that are not in this list have limited parking or space so we ask that you not wait there.

There are several good places along the C&O Canal to see your runners.  Please don’t stop on the towpath. Move to the side.  We will be sharing the towpath with the usual cyclists, hikers and other runners.

  1. Route 355 – Going north on MD 355 from Gaithersburg.  The parking lot is the first right after crossing the bridge over Seneca Creek.
  2. Riffleford Road – Go north on Riffleford Road from MD 28 just west of Darnestown.  The trail crosses Riffleford Road just south of Seneca Creek, about 1.3 miles up Riffleford Road.  The aid station is on the trail to the right.  Park along the shoulder of the road.  There are port-o-johns at this aid station.
  3. C&O Canal at Blockhouse Point or Violette’s Lock are good places to see runners.  Access roads are off of River Road.  There is parking and the runners will pass these points on the canal but there are no aid stations.
  4. Pennyfield Lock – Access road off of River Road.  Plenty of parking.  Should be a fun place to see runners.
  5. Seneca Stone Cutting Mill – Park at Reilly’s Lock and walk north on the C&O towpath.  Just past the remains of the aqueduct there is a trail off to the right that crosses the canal.  Follow this up into the woods and you will come to the remains of the Seneca Stone Cutting Mill.  The aid station is just beyond the mill.
  6. Rout 28 West – Going West from Darnestown about 5 Miles.  The parking lot is just east of Seneca Creek.  If you go over the bridge, you’ve gone too far.  There is plenty of parking here.